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Thursday, October 04, 2018
By Lauri Andrews Photography
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So, I have this blog space but never use it.  I have decided to post my travel photos and stories here, starting from the beginning.  


I never really had a travel bug until I went to Paris in 2014 with my sister, Lisa, my husband, and 2 friends.  We went for two weeks and it was just a wonderful time.  My mother was a lover of Paris, my stepfather as well who at one time had a restaurant in Paris.  How cool is that?  I fell in love with Paris.  In love.  Paris.  Easy to do, I know.  Everyone loves Paris, right?  I love it's history, it's secrets, it's monochrome colors and pink dusks.'s just a hauntingly beautiful place.  Hauntingly as in the Paris that the French government departed as Germany occupied the city.  Paris is the place where you can go 10 years in a row and turn a corner and see something different every single time.  It's beautiful in color AND black and white, rain or shine, snow or sun.  Where you come across an elderly lady with an elderly dog and a simple offer to take it's photo pleases her so much that she tears up, and a young gentleman at a table translates for you that her son is in the United States.  In Boston.  And she misses him since it's just her and the dog.  So you take the photo and show it to her and she smiles and gives myself and Lisa a hug.  Just for taking the photo.  Paris.  


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